Friday, June 18, 2010

Custom Kitty reroot

This was originally Toffee, the yellow kitty with yellow hair. I painted her all white and then painted the siamese cat markings. The body isn't quite finished yet, so here is just the head, which I finished today. It's my first reroot, so I used yarn to make things a bit easier. As there was not enough yarn of the same color, I used three different shades of white.

The top of the head got a bit torn when I removed the original hair as the holes were so close to each other. I fixed that problem by applying several coats of paint on the holes and applying a generous amount of sealer on top of it. The sealer helps to keep the paint from cracking too badly during rerooting, although there was one small crack. It would probably be even better to put sealer first in the holes, then paint and then more sealer.