Friday, October 4, 2013

1/6 scale cabinet with lights

I got this tea box for converting it into a 1/6 scale cabinet. The first task was to remove the painted text from the glass.

Acetone worked well for that and removed all traces of paint.

Then I painted the box inside and out. I covered the glass with masking tape during the painting stage, although any extra paint would have been easy to remove with acetone.

Then I got the idea of installing lights to the cabinet. I made holes for the lights on the side of the cabinet and used wooden strips painted to the same color as the outside of the cabinet to hide the light installation. The lights are in a chain of 10 battery operated LED lights. There are two lights per shelf and the two extra ones are attached at the back of the cabinet for now. I will probably build some sort of decorative display on top of the cabinet and use those lights in it.