Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shirt, trousers and jacket for a Living Dead Doll

I didn't make a pattern of the first suit I made for Schizo, but this time I made sure I had paper copies of the pieces I used for the clothes. I was first going to make just the jacket and trousers, but then thought it would be useful to have a shirt as well. It is sleeveless, so it is easier to fit under the jacket.

Both shirt and trousers have an opening on the back, because snaps or buttons on the front make bulges that don't look nice. I noticed that with Schizo's trousers. The fabric used for the shirt is slightly stretchy, but as this doll's arms move a bit better than Schizo's, another kind of fabric would have worked as well.

The pattern is available on my web site as a PDF file.

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