Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's been a long time since the last post. Here is a compilation of some knitted doll clothes I have made recently. First, something for the smaller Miss Piggy.

Next, Monster High dresses from similar yarn as Miss Piggy's dress.

Then I tried some dresses with short sleeves.

A dress for Jessica Rabbit, made with just one ball of yarn that had alternating colors.

Here is a group picture of dolls wearing knitted dresses made of the same brand of yarn (Novita puro) in different colors.

Finally, an experiment in making a knitted jump suit. It's better than my first try, but the pattern still requires some modifications.


Anonymous said...

Hi, these are so very cute dresses! Would you share the pattern for the dress the Monster High Gargoyle wears? Is it knit in the round, or sewed together later?
Thank you!

Tarja said...

It's a tube up to the hips, then knitted back and forth to get an opening in the back. Decreases between hips and waist were done on the sides and back. So, it's all in one piece, except the neck strap is crocheted.