Friday, August 16, 2013

Monster High mugs in 1/6 scale

When I made the heels for Monster High shoes using wooden cigarette holders, I was left with pieces of round wooden tubes and wondered what I could do with those. I decided to use them to make mugs for 1/6 scale sets. The heart-shaped plastic decorations are for making the handles.

Here are the tubes sawn into suitable length and the plastic pieces cut to shape.

Then I glued the handles in place, glued cardboard to the bottom of the mugs, and painted everything with white acrylic paint.

I found these small Monster High stickers the other day and thought they would be perfect for this purpose.

I applied one coat of glossy sealer, let dry, attached the stickers, and applied two more coats of sealer to get really glossy surface.


Hannah said...

The mugs are great! thanks for sharing Hannah

BlackKitty said...

Awesome! What kind of saw do you use?

Tarja said...

I use an Xacto razor saw and a mini mitre box.