Saturday, November 13, 2010

Max is finished

I finished the larger version of Max. The main part that was missing were the hands. I made them from Cernit modeling clay. The picture below shows the hands after baking, but before painting. I had to paint them as the white was wrong shade. I had painted the head with titanium white, so the hands had to be the same shade, not the slightly translucent cream color of the modeling clay.

The next photo shows how the head will stay in place. First I thought I wouldn't glue the head in place, although the metal pipe is glued to the body, but the head is fairly heavy and if it fell, it would probably break (or at least the ears would), so I decided that glue would be safer.

I'm using PVA glue for everything else, but for the hands, I used hot glue. The hands turned out to be a bit too big and I noticed that already before baking them, but they were so good that I didn't want to spoil everything by trying to make them smaller. This large version isn't exactly like small Max in any case, so some differences in proportions won't matter.

Finally, here is the finished figure with large Schizo and the mini figures for both.

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