Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hat for the Baha cat

Before starting to make the hat for Brother Dreary, I wanted to test the technique with the Baha cat. I bought 4 mm thick black felt for the purpose.

First I made a paper pattern to get right size of hole in the middle of the brim. The ears were the main problem and the hole also needed to be the right shape to allow them through without needing a too big hole.

The felt was a bit difficult to cut, so I needed to draw the hole on the felt before cutting. Usually I just attach the pattern on top of the material to be cut.

Here are the necessary pieces:

I started assembly by gluing the vertical parts to the top.

Then I glued this to the brim.

Here is the hat seen from below. I'm thinking of gluing light-colored band to the inside where the felt touches the doll's head to avoid any staining.

This is how the hat looks on the doll:

The pattern for the hat is available on my web site.

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