Friday, June 7, 2013

Kindle case

At the end of the previous post, I had a picture of a protective case for a Kindle. This post explains in detail how I made it.

The first step was to cut the bands to correct length. I first sewed across the bands to keep the ends from fraying and then cut them.

Then I pinned them together for sewing. As the bands are a bit stretchy, you need to pin the ends first and then the rest of the length spread evenly.

Next step was sewing the bands together using the yarn used in the edges.

Here are the bands sewn together.

To remove all unevenness, the piece needed to be pressed. I used a regular iron and ironed through a damp cloth.

Here you can see the reverse side. The seams are a lot flatter after ironing.

Then I cut the lining and two pieces of sturdy bubblewrap for reinforcement.

I sewed the lining to a piece of wool fabric. The plastic pieces went between these two fabrics and the seam in the middle kept them in correct places.

Then I cut away all the extra outside the seams.

I sewed pieces of the lining fabric to the short edges of the outer piece.

Then I put the lining and outer piece together, turned the fabric to cover the edges and sewed all the layers together. At his stage the side seams were not yet sewn.

Then it was time to sew the zipper and side seams. The side seams were sewn by hand and only through the edge of the outer pieces, the same way as sewing the bands together. The sides of the lining remained open.

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