Saturday, June 1, 2013

More card weaving

These are bands I have made after having a lot more practice in card weaving. I found organic cotton yarn at a good price, so I ended up getting quite a lot of it and experimenting with different patterns.

The frame I used for these was just two chair legs joined together.

The chair had four legs, so I got two frames and could work with two bands in parallel.

Here's a closeup in which you can see the cards I'm using. They are made of ordinary playing cards as described in this earlier post.

Most of these bands ended up becoming a handbag. The two side pockets are for a mobile phone and digital camera.

The pockets close with really big snaps.

Inside has a cotton lining and the bag closes with similar snaps as the pockets. There is a small side pocket inside the bag for wallet.

There were some leftover bands and they later became a protective pouch for my Kindle. I will write a separate post later about how I made that.

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