Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Classroom desks and chairs

I realized I hadn't added these here. I needed a classroom setup for my photo story, so I had to make some desks and chairs. The table tops are made of pieces of cork left over from other projects and the vertical parts are made of wooden cigarette holders.

Here are the unfinished desks and chairs:

The wooden cigarette holders belonged to my uncle and my father saved them for me when cleaning the house after my uncle passed away.

Here are the finished pieces in the classroom set, which is just a temporary one, set up inside a painted plastic container.


Enid Butler said...

Is it possible to purchase the wooden cigarette holders from you. Thinking you. Regards.

Tarja said...

Depends on how many you need and where you live. Shipping costs from Finland are horrible. Email me at and we can discuss the details.