Saturday, October 2, 2010

Clothes for Monster High dolls

I have made some clothes for the Monster High dolls and, as I was making them, I also made the patterns for them. The piece of clothing that proved to be most difficult was the jacket.

The leftmost one in the picture below is the prototype, which provided the basic pattern for modification. The rest are shown in chronological order. You may not notice any major differences between the different versions, but that is because the problem was getting the back of the jacket right.

As I made the different versions of the jacket, I also made matching bottoms, mainly skirts, but the fourth picture shows the first version of trousers. I also tried different ways of closing the jacket. The one in the third picture actually has working buttons, although the button holes were a major challenge.

The evolution of the business look

The PDF file containing all the patterns, including the jacket, is available on my web site for a nominal fee. There is also a free PDF with two of the patterns available here.

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