Friday, December 25, 2020

New hot glue gun

I happened to see this in Lidl a couple of days ago as I was buying groceries. I was so sick and tired of fighting with the cord of my old hot glue gun that I got this. It was 14.99 €, which isn't too bad.

Here is the glue gun out of the package and after a bit of use. What I can already say is that I should have got one of these earlier. I thought hot glue was messy and difficult to use, but it wasn't about the glue, I just had a crappy glue gun. This is just great.

For comparison, below is the old one. I assumed it was good, because of the manufacturer. I mean, I've got a hole puncher manufactured by Kinzo and it's great. However, this one has one basic flaw: it doesn't get hot enough. That's the main reason behind all my problems with hot glue. The cordless one gets to 170°C, and the difference is noticeable. I don't have any papers that may have come with the old one, but I'm sure the temperature is lower, because the glue just stays too thick. I always thought it was supposed to be that way, because this was the first hot glue gun I've ever had. Now I know better.

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